Carhartt WIP

In 1889, Hamilton Carhartt founded the Carhartt company in Detroit. His first products were work overalls made of denim fabric and duck, commonly called canvas. This later became Carhartt´s trademark fabric. Since the early years the brand became dedicated to providing “Best In Class” apparel, tailored to meet the highest standards of quality, durability and comfort.

Founded in 1994, Work In Progress initiated a distribution network for Carhartt across Europe, introducing a selection of classic products from the original work wear range into a new market.

The first product range designed exclusively by Work In Progress for Europe followed in 1997. Since then, under license and never without the expressed consent of the company HQ in Dearborn, Michigan, Carhartt WIP has carefully adapted, re-interpreted and re-fitted work wear cuts for the demands of an active life in the urban environment, remaining true to Carhartt´s core values: quality, durability and comfort and becoming the globally respected contemporary brand that is today.


Mac. Fincher

Mac. Fincher is proudly made in Europe with pure craftsmanship. Established in 2015, Mac. Fincher takes a modern look at classic footwear and wants to bring over their passion for it. With a focus on the timeless Chelsea boot, the shoes are urban and classy chic at the same time. It is a true artisan product: all shoes are made by hand with the utmost care and expertise.

With our strong eye for detail, the process our footwear is tailor made, what makes every shoe different from the other. Constructed of the finest leathers and suedes, this supple material will quickly take on the shape of your feet. Built on a Vibram outsole, the footwear gives you a comfortable feel yet classic look.

Only materials of the best quality are used. True handcraft – on your feet, that is!



Edwin is an authentic denim brand priding itself on innovation and craftsmanship, utilising exclusive fabrics and fabrication, unique technology, hand wash processes, and continual progression in design and fit. Started in 1947, the Edwin brand is established in Japan by Mr Tsunemi. With a strong passion for denim, Mr Tsunemi is inspired to import them directly from the United States as no denim is manufactured in Japan.



RefrigiWear is the leading manufacturer of insulated industrial outerwear. For more than fifty years, the Company has supplied a wide range of industries with insulated garments and accessories needed to keep workers warm, safe and productive. The Company manufactures and sells over ninety-five styles of insulated clothing, headwear, accessories and covers. RefrigiWear is located in Dahlonega, Georgia.



Established in 2004 in London, Pointer was created with the aim of making simple and considered well-designed casual shoes as an alternative to technical trainers and various limited edition sneakers. Today, almost ten years later Pointer still hold true to the same vision. Creating high quality footwear, through meticulous attention to detail and a playful fascination for shape and colour.

What makes Pointer unique is it's continuous celebration of the individual, both their art direction and footwear mark this by offering something different, an alternative. They play with the classics, mixing materials, patterns and geometric shapes to create their own vision and ideal of the footwear we would like to wear ourselves.



Founded in 2008, ma.strum is a menswear brand that specialises in technical outerwear and apparel. Headquartered in essex, England, the brand is led by owner and CEO Mr. John Sharp.

John & his creative team focus on the design of contemporary wares that champion material innovation and true utility value. Their work is characterised by a deft marriage of form and function, influenced by the study of military, sportswear and performance clothing. Designs arrive following great research and development; the fruits of a considerate approach to problem solving, one that addresses how the wearer engages with and is protected by their garment.